Ednaturals is dedicated to providing plant-based foods that are rich in plant nutrients 

Why JiveBerry bars?

Healthy can be tasty too. 

These wholesome and delicious bars are plant-based, gluten-free and preservative-free... a tasty and healthy choice to tide you over between meals. 

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Tasty, Nutritious and convenient
Clean Ingredients

We use only ingredients that are free from: gluten, dairy,eggs, soy and sulphites.

Nutrition from Nature

Food made from food, we include only what's really good and absolutely necessary

100% Plant-based

Never skip your veggies again. 

Nourish your lifestyle.

"We take a bar before our workout with great results our sports are triathlons and road races " 

"They are amazing, I love that they are made with real ingredients! "

38 Lyons Ave. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 
(902) 414-6017

Ednaturals Healthy foods

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