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Our Story

Late 2016 my wife Lety was pregnant with our little princess [Lily] and we were having the best family time ever. Until we learned that both were at risk because of diabetes. All my joy was replaced by one thought “how can I help my wife to eat healthy, nutritious and tasty snacks?”  


I knew from my studies in health sciences that medicinal plants were a good option. So, after searching for the most nutritious plant known I found “the Miracle Tree” - Moringa. After a little while we had a great recipe perfected, and our first batch of healthy nutrition bars with moringa ready for the whole family, Ednaturals was born!


This was the first step in Ednaturals exciting journey to help other people eat healthy, nutritious and tasty snacks anywhere, anytime.

Our Team

Edgar H. Sosa, Ph.D
Founder & CEO
Stephen Ewart, Ph.D
General Manager
Leticia Delgado, M.S
Production manager
Timothy Bood, M.D
Ian MacGillivray
Business Advisor
38 Lyons Ave. Halifax, Nova Scotia, 
(902) 414-6017

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